I believe that code is poetry and I express myself with it


Genera is a live performance, presented together with Globster, and designed for Una Diversa Geografia, an artist residency in Villa Pravernara at Valenza (Alessandria) in Italy, from 1st September to 1st October 2016.

Genera is an audio/video performance composed by a video projection, designed by Catodo, and a soundtrack, composed by Globster. The performance is based on the idea of generate/degenerate existing objects like photos, videos, or sounds. The video is produced by a custom software that mixes original photos taken during the artist residency. The photos are manipulated in real time using a reflection + glitch algorithm driven by a MIDI controller (AKAI LPD8). The soundtrack is composed by different audio samples taken in Villa Pravernara and edited in post-production. The soundtrack is then manipulated in real time using a sampler with digital effects.

Materials: Projector Full HD, custom software, MIDI controller, laptop, sampler

Globster and Catodo
From left to right: Globster and Catodo. Photo by TXT PH MP4