I believe that code is poetry and I express myself with it

Bash art

Bash art is a collection of micro-programs written in Bash, the shell language of UNIX-like computer operating systems. This project is part of a artist's research started in 1996 with the design of micro codes to produce interesting behaviour in the field of visual art, and sound art.

The choice of Bash as language for these experiments is driven by a specific need, research in fields that are very far from the concept of art itself. The artwork produced using this computer language are based on ASCII characters, printed using infinite loops. The result is a set of digital prints.

The following code produces an infinite random maze, based on the idea of 10 PRINT project.

for((;;x=RANDOM%2+2571)){ printf "\e[1;$((RANDOM%7+40))m\U$x";}

The following code prints random bars with random color and a size based on the percentage of the CPU usage.

for((;;)){ x=$(printf "%.0f" $(top -bn2 -d0.01|grep '^%Cpu'|tail -n1|awk '{print $2+$4+$6}'));printf "\e[1;$((RANDOM%7+40))m%*s" $x;}

Materials: digital prints 32x32 cm, custom software